Youth Generation Center (YGC) is Kota Samarahan, Sarawak’s new indoor soccer centers chain. The company’s philosophy is to combine sports venues with entertainment in providing an alternative and healthier lifestyle to Indonesia’s metropolitan executives and young adults. 
Born out of the dreams of a few entrepreneurs, and inspired by Malaysian’ love for soccer, Youth Generation Center (YGC) opened its first branch in 2010 in order to satisfy the needs and wants of youth. It was the first indoor sport center of its kind, dedicated to Futsal or five-a-side soccer that use semen's pitches. Although commonplace in Europe, semen are not popular sporting surface in Sarawak. The business idea was simple, but so revolutionary that it propelled the growth of a new industry. As the sport’s popularity grew, Futsal-related businesses, from magazines to events management, mushroomed.
From the very beginning, our venues have provided the best semen's pitch installed within a convenient building/complex with supporting services such as: food and drinks, entertainment areas, waiting areas, and shops. And, we support our customers’ passion with membership programs, cross promotions, discounts,and external competitions, national competitions, events, and entertainment to give a complete “Sport and Entertainment” experience. For our patrons and friends, YGC is never just a venue or a sporting arena. YGC is a lifestyle and a community. if our far reaching national and international networks, it will allow us to fulfill this promise of a futsal community entertained with a myriad of competitions and events.
At YGC, motivated by our passion for our patrons, we continuously innovate to improve our concept, events and programs – making us the only professionally managed Futsal chain that truly care.
In presenting our online front, we would like to extend my personal gratitude to our Publications team, with the special mention of Emir and Emillya who have worked hard to deliver this new website.
We welcome you to our site, and look forward to seeing you at our centers.